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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Himalayan Dog Chews - Yak Chews

Yak you say?  As in that big hairy looking thing from Nepal?  Yup, that's the one.

During our first visit to the pet trade show in Chicago, we found two companies selling Yak chews.  We got a sample at the Himalayan Dog Chew booth.  We actually got two samples, same product, just in different forms.  One was a complete chew, about 4 inches long and one was a "nugget" which is just a nugget size of the chew.

So by now, I know your asking yourself, is this really from a yak?  Yes, it is.  It's Yak and cows milk along with just a bit of salt and lime, which helps with the curdling.  Where people in Nepal get limes, that I don't know.  Perhaps there is a type of lime which grows there or it's brought in from another region.  I'm not familiar enough with Nepal to know their produce patterns.

The Naked Dog has been working on the full size Yak chew for  hours now and it's down about an inch.  It therefore seems reasonable that full on chewing will result in about an inch an hour, of course this could vary from dog to dog.  The Naked Dog is just a year old, so he's got tons of stamina.   He has it in a solid death grip and is completely engrossed and loving this chew. (note: he's on day 2 and still about 3 inches long)

The chews are made in Nepal and this is a fair trade product benefiting the economy of Nepal.   The chew is actually a cheese, a VERY, VERY hard cheese made for centuries by the Nepalese.  Who ever decided this would make a good dog chew is beyond me, but it makes a DANDY one.  

One of the best parts of this chew is that there is no waste.  If they get down to a little nub, simply pop that into the microwave for 30-40 seconds and it pops up into a popcorn-like nugget that you can give back to the dog and it breaks down like a big popcorn puff.   And if the dog swallows a chunk, well, it's not like rawhide, this is a food and it breaks down and passes in the end. 

I tested the nugget sample on Flick my foster.  Flick has never been a chewer of anything, but he grabbed that puffed nugget and took off like he found treasure.  So all around, this product more than surpasses the "bravo" factor.  In fact, we're so impressed that our rescue, www.RatTerrierResQ.com will be carrying the nuggets in our store.  

The Naked Dog gives this product 4 paws and a tail up!


  1. Sweet Fuzzy.....he is a celebrity!

  2. But I'm wondering - is it a healthy chew? does it clean their teeth?

  3. My dog chewed on it, licked it and threw up 5 times!

    He is a 75 lb Golden Retriever, 8 yrs old, who loves to chew!

    1. My 7 month old goldendoodle LUVS thus chew. Its like doggie crack to him. Will chew for hour straight. Has sensative stomach and absolutely no problems with it. Its pricey so gets one EXTRA LARGE one every so often. Larger is better so as not to choke.He's a serious chewer. Microwave small broken off pieces to get your money's worth. Some websites say broke some pets' teeth but no issues for my dog.

  4. It's funny, because I am looking for a long lasting safe chew for my 10 month old Rattie. He is full of boundless energy and if he doesn't have something to chew on that tastes good he will chew on me. Now I must buy this from the Rat Terrier Rescue Site. Thanks for your review.

  5. I do not think these are safe. I gave each of my dogs one. One dog is 50lbs, one is 60lbs. I gave them to them early Saturday. Monday I got up for work and found my dog had vomited up 5 completely undigested grape size pieces of this yak bar. They did not break down at all in almost 48 hours. Now I'm terrified wondering how much more is just sitting in their stomachs. Beware. Julie in Iowa